Bone Machine Crit – Portland

My knee injury has seen me out of action for months, and will keep me out of racing for a few more. Today was the first day I could complete a full revolution on the pedals of my dusty track bike which is set up on the stationary trainer, so I feel like I’m getting somewhere, finally.

I’ve always enjoyed organising races, and me being off the bike has opened up opportunities I might not have pursued had I been racing. I’m not grateful for breaking my kneecap, but the ordeal has afforded me a fresher perspective on racing and its importance in my life. I’d rather have a less singular focus. There is a lot more that I want to do than just riding really fast, though I still want to do that because it’s too much fun not to.

Working with the Red Hook Crit has been a good experience. I’ll be flying to London on Friday for the next leg of the series. As my previous post mentioned, at the end of the year I’ll be in Bogota with some of the more adventurous riders for Cielos Infernales 2. In between that I’ll be making my first trip up to Portland for the Bone Machine Crit.

I’ve been working on it with its creator, Ernesto, for a few months now, applying what I’ve learnt over my ten years of race organising. For now there is a some more information on the website. The circuit will be released shortly. I’ve been going back and forth with Ernesto with course designs, he’s been testing out the possible circuits and sending me video. The course is a street circuit with an extremely fast, and wide, front section, and a technical back section which should suit an all-rounder, or a sprinter if their team can hold the race together.

It’s about time the US had an independent track bike criterium that wasn’t in New York or SoCal. Spread the word and book your tickets!


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