Red Hook Crit London Race Video

The official race video is finally out. This one has definitely been the most stressful and time consuming edit I’ve done. It’s also the one I’m proudest of.

Normally I collect the footage the day after the race and start watching the hours of the same race from different riders’ perspectives. The Sunday after London No.2 was when I realised it wasn’t going to be that simple. We had less footage than normal due to time constraints when atttaching cameras to bikes, a camera that fell 0ff after a few laps. I hunted around for riders that had used their own GoPros in the days after the race, mostly to be disappointed. Their races shot in strange resolutions, or footage so shaky it was unusable.

A big thank you to Johannes Killisperger and the Mess Pack Berlin team for getting me footage that I could work with. And of course Alvise Zanasca who was someone we had targeted to put a camera on before the race. Alvise had a great race and saved the edit by being near the front throughout. I saw him the day after the race in Greenwich Peninsula, trying to figure out how to get home after his passport had gone missing along with his bag. He still had a smile on his face and was happy to have a chat.

I have to thank my mate Tom as well. His one man riff monster, Son of a Bitch Machine, came on board a year ago when I first released an offical Red Hook Crit race video. I never seem to have time to send him a rough draft so that he can write the music to fit the piece. He some how always manages to write me something that works really well every time though. Maybe it’s just because you can’t really go wrong with the kind of music he makes.

One last Thank you is to David Trimble. Dave is the race creator and director. He never sets any parameters, not who to put the cameras, nor any directions of how he wants the video to unfold. I’m given a clean slate and though I know many of the riders in the race I feel quite removed when creating the edit. That leads to an unbiased (in so much as using what footage is available to me) run down of how the race unfolded.

I’m not sure if I should be regretting my decision to add a speedometer to the videos. It definitely adds to the picture and information available to viewers, it’s a nice touch. It is also a lot of extra work and a pain in the ass. I guess once you’ve done it once people are going to be expecting it in the future.

Editors are probably never 100% happy with their work. There are still small things here that I feel could be improved on. Eventually your brain starts dissolving in it’s cerebral fluid and you can’t stare at the same few minutes of footage any longer. At some point you have to say this is pretty damn good and get it out there. Barcelona is not that far away.


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  1. Alex Maldonado

    I just found it under “show more” on youtube (shows how much I know about tecnnology)… ALWAYS AWESOME EDITING! I love watching these videos…


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