La Jungla – New Video

My friends opened a new bike store, Bombardiers, and for the opening I put together a new short film to play on the projector.

I’ve said before that I have run out of footage to rifle through and make new edits, but this is really it. I ran through all my folders one last time, as well as getting the Bombardiers hard drive the day before the opening. Turns out if you look hard enough there are still some golden nuggets tucked away in the hundreds of gigs of video.

Now that I know for sure I can’t fall back onto old footage I’m even more motivated to get back on the bike and be able to ride as I could pre-injury. It’s a longer and harder process than I had imagined. While I’m still in this chaotic city I know I want to capture what few other places on earth can offer in terms of urban riding. Some days you don’t even want to head out into the madness, and then other days you wish you had a camera on 24/7. You can step out any day of the week and capture something that will hold up for years to come.

This edit has clips spanning about 5 years, all shot in Mexico City. When you’re working with on board video from the early models of the GoPro up to the latest version you can really see how quickly technology is moving. The varying quality doesn’t make it any easier to piece together. Solution: make it all look grungy, kinda like the best parts of the city to film in.

Thanks to all the riders who are mad enough to crank a bike in DF. Terremoto Crew, Lucas Brunelle, and anyone else who may have shot something in this jungle of a city. Looking back at it all makes me want to go harder and leave skid marks on the bonnet of a car.


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